Kids&Us Arlon

Notre équipe

Notre équipe

Notre équipe
Notre équipe

Tenez-vous prêts à vivre la passionnante mission d'enseigner l'anglais aux plus petits.

Notre priorité est de trouver les personnes qui sauront enseigner et motiver les enfants à apprendre l'anglais, qui connecteront avec eux et feront preuve d'empathie envers les plus petits.

Une grande maîtrise de l'anglais, dynamisme, professionnalisme, empathie et une motivation majeure pour leur travail. Telles sont les principales caractéristiques de notre équipe de professeurs.

Permettez-nous de vous les présenter :

  • Stéphanie (director)

    Stéphanie (director)

    I am Stéphanie the new director of Kids & Us Arlon ! My professional background is a bit atypical: embassy, hotel, marketing, events... But for me, accepting this job was a bit like returning to my roots, as I studied languages from the age of 15 and then translation in Brussels (French – English – Spanish). I moved to Arlon more than 10 years ago. My children grew up there, but unfortunately Kids&Us was not yet established in the region at that time. The school's teaching method, as well as the fun and family aspect, finally convinced me to take on this wonderful adventure. I have many passions in life such as travelling round the world, meeting with new cultures but the main one is cooking pastries !

  • Patricia


    My name is Patricia. I hold a bachelor's degree in Communication and journalism. I have been teaching Spanish and English at the university in El Salvador. I also hold a TESOL certificate which enables me to teach English as a second language. I really enjoy the experience of teaching kids and babies using the Kids&Us method because they learn and have a lot of fun at the same time. I love to travel and get to know a little more about different cultures.

  • Yoshino


    Hello! My name is Yoshino and I lived in California for 8 years. I hold a master's degree in international business from the University of Kassel in Germany. I have a license for teaching non-native speakers in Japan. Currently I'm learning French and teaching English at Kids&Us in Arlon. I'm a new member and I'm very happy to be part of the team!

  • Anca


    Anca Duma is a philologist. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Romania. She worked as a teacher in Bucharest. She was also an advertising coordinator for the Cora retailer and this year she decided to join the Kids&Us team in Arlon. She gives classes to kids who want to learn English in a natural and fun way.

  • Mitali


    Mitali holds a master's degree in English literature. She also did her French courses from the VUB University, Brussels. Mitali is a very passionate teacher. She loves to teach her young students in a fun way which helps them to get engaged with the course spontaneoulsy. She is currently teaching English at Kids&Us. Mitali loves to travel and trek and enjoys scripting her experiences in travel blogs.

  • Leigh


    Hi! I’m Leigh and I am an English and Dutch teacher. I was raised in a French and Dutch household. As a young child, I lived in the US for two years, which permitted me to learn English in an immersive way. That is why I fully understand the Kids&Us method! I love teaching to children and am passionate about travelling with my loved ones.

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